Human Subjects Process

***Anyone that does a research project has to complete a protocol review request form.

  1. Download proper documents from the Research link on the HCNHS website
    1. Protocol review request form
    2. Cover form
    3. Consent form
    4. Consent instructions
    5. Tutorial link: link for website
    6. Protected Health Information form
  2. Complete the documents and work with your advisor/mentor on accuracy of the documents
  3. Submission of all above forms, including the tutorial approval form, to the chair of the Department human subjects committee electronically once approval granted from your advisor/mentor on the project.
  4. The chair of the human subjects committee will determine whether the request should be exempt, expedited, or go through full committee.
  5. Feedback will be sent back to chair – if changes needed – student & advisor/mentor will be notified. The student has up to one week to make appropriate changes and resubmit to the chair of the committee.
  6. Once approval is granted, a formal letter of approval will be sent to the student & advisor/mentor for the project to begin.

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