1. Increase externally funded faculty research.
    • Associate dean to offer workshops for all faculty on grant writing and project fit.
    • Associate dean to develop incentives for faculty for securing foundation or government grants (i.e., NSF or NIH) for research and program development.
    • Contract with grant writer on “as needed” basis.
    • Contract with research consultants on selected projects
  2. Increase resources available for grant writing and submissions.
    • Statistician support click here
    • Grant writer support
    • Qualtrics
  3. Collaborate with HCNHS departments to develop new graduate programs.
    • Masters of Social Work launched Fall, 2013.
  4. Increase number of students involved in the Student Research Symposium, Spring 2014.
  5. Increase number of publications and presentations by 5%.
    • Associate dean to increase mentoring focus with TT faculty: Add at least four mentoring sessions for all incoming faculty and faculty within first five years, such as “how to manage the tenure & promotion process”; “how to work with students on the undergraduate and graduate projects”; what are the IRB and DRB processes for research at TCU”; “research support”; “collaboration efforts with other faculty on campus- bring in new faculty from across campus”
    • Chairs and Directors to review workload policies and recommend policies to support research productivity.
    • Faculty to review quality of research productivity criteria and make recommendations for policy revisions if needed.
  6. Increase the number of students involved with research and creative activities.
    • Associate dean will enhance the research culture for students by creating a HCNHS undergraduate student of the year award and a HCNHS graduate student of the year award- develop the criteria for these two awards with a stipend attached for travel to present at a conference in their field.
    • Dean to highlight honors students projects at the Harris Academic Banquet.
    • Dean to find ways to document student-faculty engagement in collaborative research and/or scholarship projects.

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