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For just the price of one cup of coffee per day, you could have valuable tips and tactics from experts related to the non-science responsibilities of a Principal Investigator. The March issue of Principal Investigator Advisor monthly newsletter contains seven (7) articles that can help you increase the funding and efficiency of your lab. And you can obtain and review them at no charge or obligation.

Let me explain. Principal Investigator Advisor is the first and only monthly periodical devoted exclusively to helping PIs improve the funding and managerial aspects of their research activities. Many PIs tell us they spend half of their day on these non-science activities. So our monthly issues bring you expert help and advice.

Take a particular look at 7 current articles:

  • 5 Common mistakes That Will Sink Your Grant. An expert grant reviewer for NIH and NSF distills, from a mass of failed grant applications, five common errors that can cripple your grant’s score.
  • Lab romances face a quagmire of rules, regs and staff dynamics. O.K., love happens. We don’t want to be the bad guys. But before you or your staffer become too familiar with that new postdoc, please read this expert assessment of the unusual hazards and pitfalls that surround any on-premises affairs of the heart. Especially note the legal and policy angles.
  • Head off workplace violence in your lab. You’ve read a lot lately about murders and other violence in research academia. So your lab can be a pressure cooker instead of a haven—especially if a staffer has an unstable personality or is already juggling inner turmoil. Here you’ll find expert discussion of some warning signs which can tip you off to obtain help for an employee, or to take other precautionary measures.
  • Improving Your Grant Application. Forget elaborate description of “Methods”. First you’ve got to get the reviewers on your side with you “vision”. A guru tells how.
  • Burnout: Your Lab’s Silent Saboteur. This vexing problem can sneak up on even the best team. Paradoxically, the stalwarts can be most at risk. Here’s how to spot it (No, it’s not “depression”)
  • Co-Investigator vs. Consultant. A colleague in either of these roles can help your research, but what is their difference in duties and time commitment? And there are some peculiar angles to compensation arrangements.
  • “Firing” Correctly. Sadly, not every research employee works out. After all the warnings and reprimands have failed, you will have to dismiss them. But, specifically, what is best to say at that session? And what should you not do?

Bottom line: I invite you to review all the above articles free of charge, and with no obligation. They all appear in the March issue of Principal Investigator Advisor monthly newsletter.  Immediately obtain your PDF copy.

Hundreds have already subscribed. When you decide to join them, you can activate your subscription for only $199. Use the form in the issue or order online.

That works out to 55 cents per day—less than a coffee or soda. Surely a worthwhile investment for all PIs to improve the efficiency and productivity of their labs.

Plus your satisfaction is always Fully Guaranteed or you get a cheerful 100% refund of all monies. So you never take any risk.

So, act immediately and review your complimentary copy of PI Advisor.



Leslie C. Norins, MD, PhD

PS: The new “short form” grant applications introduce more competition than ever before. I urge you to read the articles above on strengthening your grant applications.

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