Faculty Research Interests

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  • Suzy Lockwood, Ph.D.
    Phone: 817.257.6758
    Email: S.Lockwood@tcu.edu

    Research Interests

    • Survivorship issues for women with gynecologic cancers
    • Lymphedema in gynecologic cancer patients Nursing administration
    • Health care policy and access as well as pedagogies and programming of accelerated baccalaureate programs for second-degree students.

  • Joel B. Mitchell, Ph.D.
    Phone: 817.257.7665
    Email: j.mitchell@tcu.edu

    Research Interests

    • Carbohydrate intake prior to and during exercise
    • Fluid balance and thermoregulation during exercise and recovery from exercise in warm environments
    • Influence of acute and chronic exercise on immune system function
    • Influence of exercise on risk factors for cardiovascular disease

  • Penny Moore, Ph.D.
    Phone: 817.257.6937
    Email: penny.moore@tcu.edu

    Research Interest

    • Qualitative approaches to Evidence based practice and CNL implementation

  • Melody Phillips, Ph.D.
    Phone: 817.257.6865
    Email: m.phillips@tcu.edu

    Research Interests

    • Influence of resistance exercise on subclinical inflammation associated with the metabolic syndrome and inactivity-related disease (cardiovascular disease, Type II diabetes, etc.)
    • Immune responses to acute and consistent exercise in both athletes and the general population.
    • Exercise and Aging

  • Deborah J. Rhea, Ed.D.
    Phone: 817.257.6861
    Email: d.rhea@tcu.edu

    Research Interests

    • The LiiNK Project (Let’s inspire innovation ‘N kids) (www.liinkproject.tcu.edu)– the newest research endeavor in K-12 children focused on the combination of multiple recesses daily and character lessons taught weekly to strengthen the academic achievement and social/emotional well-being of children
    • Body image issues in adolescent students (eating disorders/muscle dysmorphia to obesity)
    • Effective pedagogical strategies for quality physical education in the K-12 setting
    • Motivating children in the physical education setting

  • Meena Shah, Ph.D.
    Phone: 817. 257.6871
    Email: m.shah@tcu.edu

    Research Interests

    • Nutrition and exercise intervention to reduce cardiovascular risk factors
    • Weight loss and maintenance
    • Influence of menu labeling on food choices and energy intake
    • Role of eating behavior on energy intake and hormones that regulate appetite

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